Web and GIS developer
fond of great maps

Benjamin BECQUET
38 years old


Since 2015Senior web developerThe Food Assembly, Paris

  • With a team of 15 people split between front and back, I work on the thefoodassembly.com website. It's a single full-featured Node.js/React web application for all our different user types. Emphasis is put on fast release cycles, quality through automated testing, and involvement at every level through peer reviews.
  • I'm also responsible for the development and maintenance of map-related tools, from web maps and internal data visualization to fine-tuned cartographic styling for print.

Git, Node.js, React + Redux, PWA, Sass, Jenkins, Jekyll, Leaflet/MapBox.

2009 - 2015Full stack web developerMediamobile, Ivry-sur-Seine

  • Development and maintenance of the V-Traffic.com web site.
    • International public portal, content and service aggregation on interactive maps.
    • Mobile version, adapted to UX and performances contraints on mobile device.
  • Static and dynamic cartography, mobile app prototyping, data viz web applications.

ASP.Net, LESS, Javascript + jQuery, Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Leaflet.

2006 - 2009R&D software engineer - Project leadMediamobile, Ivry-sur-Seine

  • Development of a route planner taking road traffic into account.
    • Modeling and optimization of large road network graphs (european scale).
    • Development of query APIs, for internal and consumer usage.
    • Development of derived applications (alternative routes, isochrones, automatic graph-matching).

.NET/C#, C++, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.

2005 - 2006J2EE DeveloperSociété Générale, Paris

Database and Java component development for a trading tool. Also in charge of the source repository, packaging and deployments.

J2EE, Python, Oracle.

2004 - 2005SQL developer & testerNatexis Interépargne, Caen

Database script development and acceptance testing on a consumer banking site.

Ingres/Oracle, Perl/Bash.


  • OS & development environments: Linux, Windows. Basic skills on Android dev.
  • Programming languages: JavaScript/NodeJS, C#, Python, Java, C/C++. SQL & NoSQL systems.
  • Web development: HTML, CSS + LESS/Sass/PostCSS, ES6/7, React, Web Components. Mobile web development and responsive design. UX.
  • GIS & maps: PostGIS/Oracle Spatial, QGIS, OpenStreetMap stack, web mapping (Leaflet, MapBox, Google, D3). Cartographic styling skills.
  • Methodology: concurrent version management (Git, TFS), peer review, unit and functional testing, CI, rapid release cycles.
Languages: French (mother tongue), English, basic German notions.


2003 - 2004Master of science, EngineeringINSA, Rouen

  • Research project: information extraction for spatial indexation of text documents.
  • Teaching: computer architecture, algorithmics, database.

2000 - 2003Engineer's degree, Information systems architectINSA, Rouen

  • End of studies project: research & development of a SVG web mapping engine.
  • Internship: development of an auto-regulated multi-agent framework.

1998 - 2000Undergrad tech degree in Software dev.IUT, Le Havre

1998Scientific baccalauréat, spec. MathematicsRouen

Personal projects & activities