Benjamin Becquet

I'm a 38 y.o. developer, living in Paris. I work primarily with the web and with maps as much as possible. I like developing usable and meaningful applications. I value resilience, UX cohesion, and simplicity in methodology.

I do some open-source development, most of it involving web and cartography.

This is a text blog, with no single topic… nor single language, as some articles are in French.


Besides development and maps, I love all living things, long walks, Firefox's reader mode and thinking about the scale of the universe.

I'm also interested in any kind of arts & crafts. I draw, paint and practice etching and carving. These works are showcased on Patterns in the Ivy, my old time blog.

Detail of a pencil drawing
Detail of a linocut print
Detail of a multi-layered linocut print
Detail of an aquatint
Details of works on Patterns in the Ivy.


You can reach me on Twitter or by mail at