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Benjamin Becquet
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Benjamin BECQUET


Since 2023Senior front engineerPASQAL

2021 - 2023Senior front developerCARTO

  • Working in full-remote, I joined the front-end team as senior developer to work on CARTO's main platform, a cloud-enabled map editing and spatial analysis application.

Node.js, React + Redux, Jest, Cypress, Playwright, MapBox-GL/MapLibre-GL, deck.gl/kepler.gl, Google Maps.

2019 - 2021Lead front developerQwant Maps

  • I picked up the role of lead front developer on the Qwant Maps web application. I started initiatives to improve the project quality, scalability and ease of development (ex: migrating from barely structured Vanilla-JS to React, improving tests and deployments, transferring knowledge to the team).

Node.js, Webpack, React, Jest, Sass, PWA, Travis-CI, MapBox-GL.

2015 - 2019Senior front developerLa Ruche qui dit Oui !

  • Within a team of 15 developers, I worked on the main laruchequiditoui.fr site and smaller apps for different parts of the complex company business.
    • Emphasis put on fast and incremental releases, quality through automated testing, and involvement at every level through peer reviews.
    • I lead team projects related to code cohesion, accessiblity and experience sharing.
    • Also responsible for the maintenance of map-related tools, from web maps and internal data visualization to fine-tuned cartographic styling for print.

Node.js, Webpack, React + Redux, Jest, Sass, PWA, Jenkins, Leaflet/MapBox.

2009 - 2015Full stack web developerMediamobile

  • Development and maintenance of the V-Traffic.com web site.
    • International public portal, content and service aggregation on interactive maps.
    • Mobile version, adapted to UX and performance contraints on mobile device.
  • Static and dynamic cartography, mobile app prototyping, data viz web applications.

ASP.Net, LESS, Javascript + jQuery, Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Leaflet.

2006 - 2009R&D software engineerMediamobile

  • Development of a route planner taking road traffic into account.
    • Modeling and optimization of large road network graphs (european scale).
    • Development of query APIs, for internal and consumer usage.
    • Development of derived applications (alternative routes, isochrones, map-matching).

.NET/C#, C++, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.

2004 - 2006Java / SQL DeveloperVarious clients

Database and Java development for trading or consumer banking systems. Also testing automation, packaging and deployments.

J2EE, Python, Ingres/Oracle, Perl/Bash.


Since 2020Part-time teacherSorbonne Université

Lectures, practicals and tutorials in Web development courses.

2003 - 2004Part-time teacherINSA Rouen

Practicals and tutorials in computer architecture, algorithmics and database courses.


  • Programming languages: JavaScript/NodeJS, C#, Python, Java, C/C++. SQL & NoSQL systems.
  • Web development: HTML, CSS, ES6/7, React, Redux. Webpack and related tools. Mobile web development, responsive design, Progressive Web Apps. UX & accessibility skills.
  • GIS & maps: PostGIS/Oracle Spatial, QGIS, OpenStreetMap stack, web mapping (MapBox-GL/MapLibre-GL, Leaflet, Deck.gl, Google Maps, D3). Cartographic styling and semiology.
  • Tools & methods: Git, unit and functional testing, CI, peer review, rapid release cycles.
Languages: French (mother tongue), English, basic German notions.


2003 - 2004Master of science, EngineeringINSA Rouen

2000 - 2003Engineer's degree, I.S. architectINSA Rouen

1998 - 2000Undergrad tech degree in Software dev.IUT Le Havre

1998Scientific baccalauréat, spec. MathematicsRouen

Personal projects & activities