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Benjamin Becquet

Benjamin Becquet

Hello, I'm Benjamin! I'm a web developer living in Paris. No matter the technology, I value resilience, accessibility and UX cohesion. I like to work with teams of diverse backgrounds and share my experience with junior developers. I'm also an occasional web development teacher at the university.

I have a long-running interest for web cartography, large parts of my career and personal projects revolve around this subject.

This is a text blog, with no single topic… nor single language, as some articles are in French. You can read where I am in life currently on my "Now" page, at least if I kept it updated!


Besides development and maps, I love all living things, long walks, Firefox's reader mode and thinking about the scale of the universe.

I'm also interested in any kind of arts & crafts. I draw, paint and practice many etching and printmaking techniques. These works are showcased on Patterns in the Ivy, my old time blog.

Detail of an ink drawing
Detail of a linocut print
Detail of a multi-layered linocut print
Detail of a mezzotint
Details of works on Patterns in the Ivy.


You can reach me on Mastodon or by mail at benjamin@bbecquet.net.